So busy this week. Dont really have time to “blog”, but I havent in awhile – so I am here anyways. Wanted to upload my latest painting. It is acrylic on watercolor paper. I am pretty pleased with it. I have so much to say, and i want to finally make my “about” page on my blog – but that will wait until next week. will update with why i am so busy, and more paintings next post. Hope you like the painting. and as always – gotta plug my website: www.artaboutthebaby.com

and as always – my paintings and all art created by me,  belongs to me (© Patricia Mallory-Miah). please do not use in any form without my permission.


Just finished a painting for my daughter’s birthday last night. Her birthday is March 26 – so i have to keep it hidden for another month. I had done a painting of her toy kitchen a few years ago, and she loved it. I have painted toys before for my kids and a few friends. Then I saw someone doing it online, reviewed in a blog. I have been thought of doing that for a long time. It would go so perfectly with my little business, Art about the Baby – which is a little business of mine where i paint very personalized paintings for people’s children. Then i started making playdate cards. So now the site is personalized kids / baby’s paintings and play date cards.I hate it when i see other people doing things that i had thought of, but never got around to doing. Im gonna still do it. i just now have competition from someone who already has a lot of web press about her toy portraits. i need to stop procrastinating. well, either way. here is “Snowflake” – Sophia’s stuffed bear. Just need to make sure she doesn’t see my blog before her birthday.

as always, let me know what you think, and visit my site at:  http://www.artaboutthebaby.com/

i finished another painting last night, and watched “Baby Mamma”. the movie was funny, and i am happy with the painting. i have to make the painting and the last couple of paintings into play date cards next. then i feel like painting a portrait of my house – but i also have a great idea for an entire other line of play date cards that i would make digitally in illustrator. so which should i do first?

I also want to start printing my own play date cards, and think i have found the printer i want to buy. but it is a little pricey, and im not sure where id put it. i will start by cleaning my computer work space and making room, then saving up some money for the printer.

let me know (as usual), what you think of my little painting.

image above will soon be available as a play date card at my site:


So i got the best valentine’s present ever today. My husband, daughter, and son got me a book, and not just any book. I got “The Circus Ship” by Chris Van Dusen. Just what i wanted. I saw it in the local toy and book store call Spark House Kids. My daughter (Sophia)  and I just loved it, so i told Sophia to tell Daddy to get me this for Valentine’s day. She Did!!!! The pictures are amazing, and the story is cute. I love Chris Van Dusen. He is one of my favorite Illustrators.

Gotta post some art work. Im going to put up the Valentine’s Day cards I did for Sophia and Russel (my son – he is 3.5 yrs). To make Russel’s card, I used a play date card from my site, Art about the Baby, and replaced the lightning bolt with a heart (in photoshop) and added some type (in illustrator). The original image is a watercolor painting. My daughter’s card is a watercolor painting i did just for her card. hope you like them. you can check out the playdate card image at my site: http://www.artaboutthebaby.com/playdateshop.html

Have to admit the past 2 days were quite tiring. Both kids were home, my husband worked from home on Wed., and so very very much shoveling, and playing in the snow, and getting the kids in and out of  their snow clothes (probably the most tiring part). I took some pics. will post tomorrow. today i think ill post a painting i did for my daughter a while back. I plan on one day (hopefully one day soon) making it into birth announcements to put on my site http://www.artaboutthebaby.com/

I also want to put up my new play date card image of a  skunk riding a rocking horse – but the last couple of days with the kids and the snow (and i baked 4 dozen heart shaped cookies for my daughters class last night – and delivered them to her class this morning) – well the past two days just wiped me out. so, hopefully ill have that and the snow pics to post tomorrow.

here is the painting i did for my daughter: as always – let me know what you think.

Kids are home, husband is home, house is a mess, and i have snow to shovel. hopefully i’ll get some painting done tonight. My daughter, Sophia wants me to paint a picture for a play date card and use her idea. It is a really great idea. She wants it to be a picture of a little skunk riding a wooden rocking horse. I did the drawing last night while watching Ghost Town on TV (funny movie. i like Tea Leone and Rick Gervais) maybe ill put up the drawing tomorrow in the blog with the finished painting. today – im going to upload another little painting that is a play date card, and now a valentines day cards for my son.

as always – see more of my art at:  http://www.artaboutthebaby.com/

all my artwork is © Patty Mallory-Miah and Art about the Baby. please do not post it, print it, or use for profit. If you wish to put it on your site, please ask.


Little Soccer Player

Little Soccer Player

So – i finished a couple of paintings to be used as mommy cards, or play date cards. I have put me on a schedule. i must paint or draw for at least 2 hours every day, and limit my online time to 30 minutes during the day. I just brought down a kitchen timer to make sure I keep to my schedule.

here is one of the paintings i did the night before last. it is called “little soccer player” will try and get it up on my website as a play date card by this weekend (with a couple others too)

if anyone reads this – let me know what you think.

(here is a ink to my play date cards page) http://www.artaboutthebaby.com/playdateshop.html


cant stop now – just realized i dont know how to put up an image. okay – i got the pic of the little soccer player painting in here. Yeah!